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Best Retinol Cream UK for Flawless & Wrinkle-Free Skin

Though we like products with natural ingredients, there are also cases in which retinol can be the best miracle ingredient that is highly effective for your skincare. It is a form of vitamin A that naturally occurs in the skin. In our commitment to inspire people to embrace a more natural approach in choosing the right product, we have gone through different brands and chosen the Best Retinol Creams & Serums available in the UK that also contains organic and natural ingredients.”

Our Top Picks

There are hundreds of skincare products that promise younger-looking and glowing skin however it is hard to look for products that work. It’s hard to find one that will also work safely and effectively on your type of skin texture. But one skincare regimen could boost skin health and give you that glowing look in a natural way. This is all about using this vitamin A cream or serum.

Retinol is vitamin A1. It is a fat-soluble that is found naturally in some food and it is also available in supplement form. This supplement is mainly used to treat vitamin A deficiency, however, this can also be used for your skin. And aside from that, it is also important in maintaining good vision and strong bones. Research shows that if you eat food with vitamin A are less likely to develop age-related macular degeneration.



How does it work?

Retinol is very effective in your skin, especially for ageing skin. As a person ages, our cells stop maturing and begin to pile up. This leads to hyperpigmentation, uneven skin and various signs of ageing like wrinkles. It will work deep down by normalising cell development; triggering cell turnover and renewal. When topical vitamin A cream is applied on the face it becomes smoother and softer with an even texture and colour. The outermost layers become flattered and more even and thus making look younger and healthier.

It can rejuvenate the skin as well as you get flawless and wrinkle-free skin. It is used in the following skin treatments

Retinol is Used for Anti-Aging

It will resurface and rejuvenate dull and tired skin. Because it has a small molecular structure, it can penetrate deep layers to smoothen and eliminate skin ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines. It can also make the skin more elastic and plump.

It is Used for Acne Control

This vitamin A cream is added to acne treatments to control pimples, redness, acne and other imperfections. It can slough off the old and dead cell to reveal new skin; it can also help control excessive oil formation which is two of the main components of acne formation. It can also stimulate the production of collagen and thus revives pimples and acne-infested skin.

When it is used for acne control, skin becomes reddish, peeling and may even have more acne than before. This is a normal condition and is called the retinoid effect. Acne and new skin breakouts will eventually be controlled and new and healthy skin will resurface.

It Can Remove Age Spots

As retinol resurfaces new cell, age spots, discoloration and other imperfections will also vanish. Regular use of this product will lead to a healthier and younger-looking skin free from uneven colour and breakouts

It will Improve the Appearance of Scars

This cream can be applied directly on scars to improve their appearance. Scars as a result of trauma or surgery could leave a lasting mark on the skin and people who have these scars have no choice but to live with these ugly marks. It can penetrate deep down the cell to stimulate the production of collagen to help rebuild itself. Scars will appear lighter and less pronounced when it is used.

It will Remove Skin Discoloration

When continuously used, it can remove dark spots and even make skin several shades lighter by resurfacing lighter and healthier. It is an additive in many lightening and whitening preparations. When the cream is applied on the face, the outer layers of the skin are slowly removed. It acts as an exfoliant to remove dark and dead cell and the result is flawless younger-looking skin.

It will Improve Overall Skin Health

This cream can contribute to the proper function of the epithelial cells. It can help your vision, bone development and bone health. It can also help improve the immune system, there is no doubt that a person will have a healthy, glowing and younger-looking face.

best retinol cream UK

Retinol Cream VS. Serum, Which one is the Best?

Retinol is available in a variety of forms; it is available in creams, serums, retinoic acid and in supplement form but two of the most common forms found in drug stores and department stores are creams and serums. The same ingredient but different in many ways.

Retinol Cream for Dry while Serum is for Oily Skin

Men and women have different types of skin but could be categorised into two types especially when talking about the way skin products are absorbed. The skin could be categorised as dry or oily and each of has different requirements. The cream is formulated to be efficiently absorbed by the body, to fight to age and remove skin imperfections and at the same time moisturising. On the other hand, serums are used if your skin is oily. These are mostly water-based preparations and therefore won’t add another heavy layer on top of the skin.

Creams are Thicker while Serums are Water-Based

Creams are supposed to cover the skin area and then remain there long enough to be absorbed and hence this is why these preparations are thicker and “creamier.” On the other hand, serums have to be water-based to remain underneath the layers.

Creams have Fewer Concentrations of Active Ingredients while Serums have More Ingredients

The creams have less concentration of ingredients since these are already thick and can remain on the skin for a long period. Whereas, serums need to have more concentrations of additive since it has to penetrate the skin layer.

Creams are Heavier while Serums are Lighter

Since creams are creams, it is heavier and thicker. Serums are lighter and therefore are lighter and gentle on the skin as well.

So the question is, which is better, technically it depends on what type of skin you have. If you have dry face then creams are for you and if your skin is oily then serums should work best for you.

What Strength to buy?    

As you may have known by now, retinol has a variety of benefits. It can remove age spots, discolouration and sunspots. It can prevent and control ageing such as wrinkles from your face. It can lighten scars and reduce the appearance of imperfections. But despite all these amazing benefits, it could be irritating for some people. The use of it should be regulated to reap its great benefits and at the same time protect from its harsh side effects.

Retinol in 2.5% is currently the best in the market because it can effectively remove age spots and rejuvenate, can brighten and lighten the skin and can remove imperfections without irritating. This strength also works hand in hand with other natural ingredients such as vitamin C, acid hyaluronic and jojoba oil which moisturises hair and skin’s overall appearance.

The creams and serums that we have here all contain safe and effective 2.5% retinol as well as natural ingredients. These beauty products have great reviews coming from verified customers and have had good ratings from many users because not only are these effective but are non-irritating to the skin because of the safe strength.

So before you purchase any rejuvenation product, look for the strength. Buy only products with 2.5% retinol. Some contain higher doses product like Sunday Riley, pro-strength formula powered by 5% retinoid which could irritate the skin for thew newbies while some contain less than 2.5% which may not be that useful at all. Make sure that you are also buying this product from trusted brands and the items that have been properly labelled. Lastly, remember that no two people have the same skin, so if you have any doubts talk to a specialist to find the best anti-ageing product for your needs.

Best Retinol Cream in the UK 2022

There are some retinol products varieties in the market each one with some features and benefits however only three stands out.

Kleem Organics Advanced Retinol Moisturizer Review

If you want to be your best self, feel more beautiful and confident in your skin then you need to buy the product with a high percentage of bioactive ingredients. This brand contains 2.5% retinol moisturizer that goes beyond moisturizing to deliver an innovative mix of research-proven ingredients.

We are reviewing this Kleem Organics Cream and we are ranking it number one position in our list. This cream is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dull skin tone, wrinkles, discolouration and loss of firmness.

This product contains a unique complex of bio-active ingredients inside that can keep your skin hydrated, smooth and healthy for sure.  Because it has got the combination of serum and moisturizer; you will get the ultimate facial treatment which will control and slow down your ageing process by nourishing and rejuvenating.

This cream is a very lightweight facial cream which will replenish moisture into your skin, making it glowing and young-looking. We have chosen it as the best cream in the UK.


Kleem Organics Advanced Retinol Moisturizer



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What We Like

  • Light yet rich cream that absorbs immediately
  • 72 hours deep hydration guaranteed.
  • It will increase firmness and elasticity
  • With safe amounts 2.5% of retinol to leave skin smooth and glowing
  • Natural and organic
  • Trusted by doctor and GMP compliant product
  • Added fragrance
  • No chemicals
  • Anti-ageing formula.

What We Don't Like

  • Bulky packaging

OZ Naturals -Moisturizer Night Cream Review

The OZ Naturals is a moisturising night cream that contains 2.5% retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. This cream is made of clinical-grade retinol product that has anti-wrinkle and rejuvenation properties that will reduce the ageing and will nourish your face as you sleep. It is formulated to be safe for all skin. It contains natural ingredients, no fillers, harmful fragrances, parabens, sulphates or dyes. OZ Naturals is one of the leading brands that have a line of anti-ageing products. This cream is popular because of its safe concentration of main ingredients, however, there are some isolated complaints about the product’s smell.

OZ Naturals Night Retinol Cream


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What We Like

  • Contains clinical-strength retinol
  • With retinol formulation that will work with vitamin
  • Safe to use for all skin, no harmful fragrances, parabens, dyes and sulphates
  • Smoother, younger-looking skin with reduced spots from the age when used continuously
  • Uses eco-friendly materials and ingredients

What We Don't Like

  • Could leave the skin very dry in some cases
  • Some complaints about the smell

PurOrganica Moisturising Cream Review

The PurOrganica Moisturizing Cream is an anti-aging cream with 2.5% retinol, vitamin E and B5 plus jojoba oil and shea butter. It is designed as a firming cream for removing wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. It can remove acne and resurface new and clearer skin. Active retinol in this product is combined with natural ingredients to provide excellent results. And aside from its rejuvenation properties, it can also work as a skin pigmentation treatment which can reduce the appearance of brown spots. All PurOrganica beauty products are manufactured in cruelty-free means and at their state-of-the-art manufacturing plants.

PurOrganica Retinol Cream



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What We Like

  • With active retinol at 2.5% and natural ingredients
  • With vitamin E and B5, jojoba oil and shea butter
  • Manufacturer uses cruelty-free methods
  •  With a 100% money-back guarantee if the customer is not completely satisfied

What We Don't Like

  • Pricey
  • Comes in a very small 30 ml container

Best Retinol Serum UK 2022

There are a number of brands in the market each with its own benefits and advantages. Here are the top 4 that deserves extra attention.


uSkin Retinol Serum








Hollywoodskin Serum






Poppy Austin®

Poppy Austin® Serum









derma-nu Serum




uSkin Review 

The uSkin Serum is from uSkin Care and has received a lot of great ratings online. It provides retinol protection for skin that has developed early ageing. It is developed as a high dose retinoid serum that removes lines and wrinkles from the face and sun damage and will repair by stimulating collagen. Skin will look firmer, younger-looking and smoother.

This Premium product with 2.5% retinol also works for acne and can help erase acne scars. It unclogs pores, removes blackheads and prevents future breakouts as well. It can work with any type of skin, even sensitive skin and skin prone to breakouts. It has an advanced formula plus natural ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Perfect night serum which can be used as a moisturiser.

uSkin Retinol Serum



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What We Like

  • 2.5% retinol
  • Will work also as an acne treatment
  • Will work on all skin types including sensitive skin
  • One of the most advanced formulas that also contains organic aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba oil.
  • Made from quality plant-based ingredients
  • With a 100% hassle-free satisfaction guarantee, with a money-back guarantee

What We Don't Like

  • Complaints of irritation even in lower concentrations

Hollywoodskin Review 

This Hollywoodskin anti-ageing skincare product contains 2.5% retinol which is deemed as four times stronger than other regular brands because aside from retinol, it also contains 11% hyaluronic acid and 20% vitamin C. It also contains astaxanthin and green leaf tea extract to give your skin a more even tone. It is a super-concentrated formula that can erase lines, remove wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It contains active retinol that can fight acne and restore the youthful glow on skin, rebuild healthy and vibrant elastic tissue. This brand from Hollywoodskin has smaller molecules that make it easier to be absorbed by the inner layers. Hollywoodskin is one of the most popular brands of anti-ageing beauty products in the market and this has gathered a lot of positive rating for its effectiveness. However, there are also some negative reviews especially pertaining to the time it takes for the product to work.

Hollywoodskin Serum

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What We Like

  • With stronger and more potent retinol
  • With higher concentrations of vitamin C.
  • With smaller retinol molecules to penetrate deep into skin
  • Designed for acne-prone and mature skin
  • Deemed as the strongest concentration of ingredients

What We Don't Like

  • Takes longer to work

Poppy Austin® Review 

Poppy Austin® contains 2.5% retinol, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid plus jojoba oil. This anti-ageing serum uses clinical-strength retinol and the manufacturer’s signature blend of ingredients including antioxidants, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and green tea extracts. Poppy Austin prides in using only the most natural ingredients and this product is proudly 72% organic.

Full list of ingredients are as follows: Aqua, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel, Glycerin (Kosher, Vegetable), Organic Aloe, Retinol (2.5%), Wheat Germ Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Organic Green Tea, Propolis, Organic Gotu Kola, Horsetail Extract, Dandelion Extract, Wild Geranium Extract, Hydroxyethyl Ethylcellulose, Carrageenan Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ethylhexylglycerin. Poppy Austin is a popular brand and this is one of their best. However, despite the good ratings, there are some complaints about an unusual smell.

Poppy Austin® Serum


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What We Like

  • Uses clinical-strength retinol
  • Will remove spots from ageing, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, crow’s feet and dark circles under the eyes
  • With natural ingredients like natural antioxidants, vitamin E and green leaf tea extracts.
  • Has 72% organic ingredients
  •  Stimulates collagen production
  • Can be used under makeup
  • Can be used by men or women
  • Is available in a container that is twice the size of regular serums at 30ml
  • With a money-back guarantee
  • Cruelty-free, never tested on animals

What We Don't Like

  • Complaints about the smell

derma-nu Review

This is an anti-ageing skincare product that contains retinol at 2.5%. It also has potent vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. It is a clinically proven anti-ageing treatment for the face which contains only the most natural and quality ingredients at 97% natural and 72% organic ingredients. This product by derma-nu has smaller vitamin A molecules that will be quickly absorbed to activate collagen and elastin. It is paraben-free, non-comedogenic and contains all-natural ingredients and is not tested on animals. It has been known to improve, wrinkles, pigmentation, texture, skin tone and hydration. derma-nu is a popular brand and has received good reviews for this brand. But despite these responses from customers, there are also some negative ones too. Some users found that this took the time to work and had to wait weeks just to see a difference.

derma-nu Serum


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What We Like

  • Contains safe levels of retinol
  • Can help signs of ageing including lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, texture and dryness
  • Will activate collagen and elastin with small vitamin A molecules
  • Is paraben-free, non-comedogenic and contains non-organic ingredients
  • Is not tested on animals and is made in the USA

What We Don't Like

  • Has to take time to work


This vitamin A is an effective anti-ageing ingredient found in many skin care products. It works by triggering cell renewal and replacing old cells with new ones. It is very powerful for removing wrinkles, fine lines and scars. It can rejuvenate by producing new cells, to replace dull and dead cells that are found on the skin surface. It is also important for healthy bones and vision.

Finding the best retinol products should begin with understanding your skin type. You will only be able to reap the benefits of it when you shop safe products according to your needs.

I also recommend this two products, one from Dr Dennis Gross which contains ferulic acid that penetrates deep into the lower levels of your skin, boosting the effectiveness of the serum and Elizabeth Arden which comes in single-use airtight pods preserve the potency that makes it 76% stronger than un-encapsulated retinol serum. But they are a bit expensive but the packaging and formula will appeal to all. Go for one of them if the price is not an issue.

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