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Best Magnesium Supplements UK 2022 Reviews

Experts say that we do not eat enough magnesium-rich foods. This is a vital mineral for our health and the deficiency could put us at risk of many diseases. In the UK; 7 out of 10 women and 4 out of 10 men do not get enough of this mineral through their diet. This is why it’s a good idea to consider taking supplements regularly.  These supplements are available in a variety of forms. Here at Nature’s Cure Zone; we have the listed top 9 forms of best magnesium supplements for the UK customers according to your need.

Magnesium Supplements

As kids, we have often been told to take our multivitamin and to eat green leafy vegetables because of the many good things it can do for our body. The emphasis then was on vitamin intake, not much on the minerals, and certainly not on magnesium.

One of the minerals that are gaining notice in the last few years is magnesium. It is one of the most abundant and most common elements of the earth. In the human body, it is the hardest working mineral.

It is included in the fundamental base of almost all of our body processes. It is vital to energy production which makes the human body get up and go, regulating heartbeat rhythms,  metabolism, the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contractions, and for the formation of proper bone density.

With all it’s abundance and commonness, a whopping 80% of us are sadly magnesium-deficient. This may be attributed to malabsorption brought by digestive disorders,  malabsorption and non-utilization of it brought by digestive tract damages borne out of antibiotic and prescription drug usage, and soil nutrient run down which largely diminishes the amount of it in the plants that we consume.

We can get it from many foods but due to poor absorption and depleted soil nutrition, Mg12 levels can be low in your body. This is why many of us are taking supplements. So what are the best magnesium supplements to take? There are many kinds of these supplements. You should know which one is right for you.



List of best magnesium supplements uk brand


Why Should You Take It?

Magnesium is one of the seven major minerals that are vital to the functions of our body. Deficiency in this mineral could lead to cell malfunction and other ailments:

  • The tendency of blood to clot or thicken even without cuts, wounds, or haemorrhage. This thickening is particularly dangerous if it occurs in the blood vessels as it would increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.
  • Abnormal contractions of the heart and blood-vessel muscle tissues. Fight-or-flight reactions during dangerous situations do not work normally.
  • Muscles tend to feel more pain, burning, and unnecessary twitching.
  • Abnormal cholesterol production.
  • Insufficient energy for work, and other activities, and feeling tired, lethargic, and stressed most of the time.
  • Susceptibility to free radical damage, as there is an insufficient natural antioxidant protecting the body molecules.
  • Heart diseases, and Type 2 Diabetes which is brought by the improper processing of glucose.
  • Stiffening, and plaque buildup in arteries brought by too much calcium.

Taking supplements can be the answer to arresting magnesium deficiency. But with many different types of Mg12 supplements in the market, the question would be what would be best for you?

It needs to be bound to something else to be stable. Hence, the differences of the many products primarily come from the molecule it’s bonded to, and not magnesium itself. There are two things to consider when buying them:

  • The function of the bonding agents ( oxide, glycinate, citrate ).
  • Absorption or bioavailability, this is the fraction or ratio of the magnesium which entered the systemic circulation (blood ) thus having an effect.

Type Best Magnesium Supplements UK 2022













  • Magnesium that is bonded with oxygen, and is the least absorbed form.
  • A general-purpose that makes for a great muscle relaxer, laxative, and nerve stimulant.
  • Popularly known as “milk of magnesia”,  it is known as a home remedy used for treating stomach aches, indigestion, acid reflux, and heartburn.
  • Commonly used in supplements due to its low cost.


Lindens Magnesium Tablets


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Who should take it?

  • Those who wish to maintain adequate magnesium in the body.
  • It contributes to normal bones, teeth, muscle, nervous and psychological function.
  • It can be used as an antacid by people who want to treat indigestion.
  • It helps in reduction of tiredness & fatigue.
  • It can be used as a laxative who want to relieve occasional constipation
  • Those want to relieve symptoms of anxiety.
  • If you are at the risk of heart attacks.
  • If you have who have an irregular heartbeat.
  • Someone with electrolyte imbalance.
  • If you want to want to promote healthy immune function.
  • Anybody suffering from depression, as it promotes calmness.












  • This is bonded with citric acid, has outstanding absorption property.
  • One of the most common forms in the market.
  • Most commonly used in laxatives since it is a saline laxative that works by increasing fluid in the small intestine. By this, a bowel movement may be expected within 30 minutes to 3 hours.
  • This is also most commonly used to clean stool from the intestines before surgery or bowel operations(colonoscopy, radiography etc).


Aava Labs


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Nu U Nutrition


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 Who should take it?

  • If you have low amounts of magnesium in the blood.
  • To develop healthy bones & muscle function.
  • When you want to promote the normal functioning of cells, nerves, bones and heart.
  • If you want to improve digestion.
  • People who want to prevent or relieve constipation.













  • This is in oil form that is gaining popularity since it is easily absorbed by the skin without leaving an unpleasant smell or residue.
  • It is actually not oil, but an oily, slippery, textured emulsion of chloride salt dissolved in water.
  • This oil is also a natural muscle relaxant.
  • It helps aid in reducing skin oiliness.
  • It provides pain and aches relief to sore muscles and joints.
  • It can be applied directly to inflamed areas.
  • Regular use of this oil can reduce the frequency of migraines.
  • This is comprised of only two things- magnesium and pure water. Only pure water should be used and that the magnesium is free from heavy metals.
  • Usually sold in convenient spray bottles that can be spritzed on after a shower.



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Ancient Minerals


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 Who should take it?

  • It helps in pain relief and muscle relaxation for someone with arthritis.
  • If you have digestive disorders that prevent the normal absorption of magnesium from food.
  • To increase energy and endurance.
  • To promote or fast-track wound healing.
  • Someone with muscle pain, as topical applications can relieve back pains, tendonitis, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome, leg, and thigh pains, as well as restless legs.
  • Athletes, and people who work out who may be suffering from inflammation or soreness.
  • If you want to sleep better, as it is a great sleeping aid since it can relax the GABA receptors in the brain and nervous system, making it so much easier to fall asleep.
  • Someone who wants to treat a mild to moderate skin irritation and other skin problems like rosacea, psoriasis, etc.
  • Someone with hypertension and diabetes, as it helps make insulin work properly.
  • People who want additional nourishment and moisture for their skin reduces oiliness of the skin and removes some types of acne.












  • Amino acid glycine’s magnesium salt.
  • Glycine is one of the 21 amino acids used by the body.
  • It is the most absorbable form. This is the strongest of all pairs, as it remains intact and is not broken apart by stomach acids.
  • This is mild on the stomach, does not cause diarrhoea.
  • Used for treating Hypomagnesemia or magnesium deficiency.


Your Supplements


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Nutri Advanced

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Who should take it?

  • Someone is suffering from and seeking to correct Hypomagnesemia.
  • If you have high blood pressure or heart disease, as it may help decrease blood pressure.
  • People with high blood sugar, as it helps reduce the risk of high blood sugar developing type 2 diabetes.
  • If you have type 2 diabetes, as it may help reduce the risk of insulin resistance.
  • People seeking to develop healthy bones, as it is vital to the development of healthy bones, higher bone mineral density and may help reduce the risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis.
  • When you are suffering from migraines, as it may help reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.
  • If you are suffering from depression, since inadequate levels of it also lead to a reduction of serotonin levels( our happy cells ). Intake of this supplement can help promote mental calm and relaxation.












  • Magnesium that is bonded with amino acids ( proteins )
  • One of the most absorbable forms.
  • This is naturally found in foods
  • Magnesium form used to restore its levels in the body
  • If you want to boost your Mg12 intake, put this supplement at the top of your list.



Doctor's Best


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Who should take it?

  • People who have a low amount of magnesium in the blood.
  • If you are stressed and have trouble relaxing.
  • When you have tight muscle spasms.
  • People who have an irregular heartbeat.
  • If you want to promote or fast-track wound healing.
  • To promote healthy bones and teeth.












  • The complex form of magnesium plus orotic acid ( a minor dietary constituent known before as Vitamin B13 until it was discovered that it could be synthesized).
  • This is beneficial to those who have suffered from heart failure.
  • Orotic Acid has been known to improve athletic performance and endurance.
  • Relieves symptoms of constipation.
  • Orotic acid has also been known to improve heart health.
  • Has a high absorption rate, passes easily through body cells.




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Who should take it?

  • If you have a magnesium deficiency, as this can be corrected by orotate supplement, brought by its high rate of absorbability.
  • If you have irregular heartbeats.
  • When you want to increased energy or those who tire easily, as its deficiency means needing more oxygen during tiring activities.
  • People with mild to moderate skin disorders.
  • People with low muscle contractile capacity, as it improves movement.
  • If you want to promote or fast-track wound healing.












  • A new type of magnesium that can break through the blood-brain barrier to deliver it to the brain, thus improving brain function.
  • This is a high-quality supplement to add to your healthy diet and highest recommended.
  • It has been specifically designed to cross the blood-brain barrier and enhance synapse.
  • It can increase the levels of magnesium within the brain.
  • The only other form of magnesium that is comparable in terms of absorption with glycinate.
  • This magnesium was developed with the special intention of finding a product that can be more readily absorbed by the brain.
  • Maybe very effective in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • The form is synthetic, manufacturing it is restricted since someone owns the patent on this product.
  • This type is not readily available, hence, it is also seen as more expensive than other supplements.
  •  It is formulated for absorption and not as a laxative. It has got an optimal balance of elements.



Intelligent Labs


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Life Extension


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Who should take it?

  • When you are suffering from inflammation and soreness.
  • To control their blood pressure.
  • To support in your physical performance and other strenuous activities.
  • To protect yourself from osteoporosis.
  • When you need added protection for their immune system.
  • To enhance brain function of short and long-term memory.
  • If you want to enhance overall alertness.
  • Someone with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive declines.
  • To improve your learning abilities.
  • People suffering from behavioural disorders.
  • To enhance their sleep quality.












  • A less common type of magnesium usually used for cardiac conditions and heart function.
  • In this form, it’s function is to help heart muscles relax, open blood vessels leading to the heart, and deliver more blood to the heart tissue, is combined with taurine’s ability to improve the quality of contractions of the heart.
  •  It works as cardiovascular protectant, preventing cardiac issues and irregular heartbeat.

Cardiovascular Research


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Focus Supplements


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Who should take it?

  • If you are at risk of heart attacks.
  • Someone who has an irregular heartbeat.
  • Someone with electrolyte imbalance.
  • To promote healthy immune function.
  • People suffering from depression, as it promotes calmness.
  • When someone with a migraine.
  • Someone with neurodegenerative disorders, as taurate is best suited for brain health.
  • People with issues in vascular health.
  • Women suffering from PMS symptoms which may include a headache, irritability, bloating, and depression.
  • To promote or fast-track wound healing.
  • People who want to promote healthy bones and teeth.












  • The compound of magnesium and malic acid. Malic acid is a substance that aids in energy production in physical exercises.
  • This compound is considered an alpha hydroxy acid and is among the fruit-derived acids that are good for the skin. This acts as a mild exfoliant, thereby giving the skin a youthful glow.
  • Promotes saliva production which helps control oral bacteria.
  • This is commonly used in toothpaste and mouthwash due to its antiseptic properties.
  • It can bind to toxic metals and make them ineffective.
  • This form may increase overall muscle performance.


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Who should take it?

  • If who are suffering from depression.
  • If you are constantly fatigued and lethargic, as malic acid is an integral part of the body’s Krebs Cycle which is where much of our cellular energy comes from.
  • Someone with diabetes, as this one has a significant effect on the blood glucose level.
  • Someone with cardiovascular disease.
  • People suffering from cluster and migraine headaches.
  • If you are suffering from constipation, since this is well absorbed, this could help in constipation issues.
  • If you want to promote bone health.
  • Those who want to control stomach acid and reduce heartburn related symptoms.

Are There Any Concerns?

Considering that Magnesium is one of the seven major minerals that the body needs are enough reason to take supplements. Thinking that all requirements can be sourced from diet alone is poor planning, especially since crops are planted in soil that is already depleted with essential nutrients, to begin with. However, too much intake of one mineral may lead to a deficiency in another, and excessive magnesium can, in turn, cause a deficiency in calcium.

Overdosing on supplements which could cause toxicity is rare, but not impossible. This, however, is not a risk to most people.

A more common side effect of too much of it is its laxative effect, overstimulation of bowels than cause excessive urination,  sometimes nausea, and abdominal cramping.

An overdose may be experienced by people with kidney problems. The manifestation of poisonous magnesium levels can vary from vomiting,  upset stomach, and diarrhoea,  to more serious episodes of confusion, slowed heart rate and dangerously low blood pressure. Very serious overdoses can lead to irregular breathing, coma, irregular heartbeat and even death.

As with other drugs and supplements, these supplements can interact with other drugs a person may be taking.  The intake that is too close to a dose of some antibiotics, particularly ciprofloxacin and moxifloxacin, may interfere with how the body absorbs the medicine. It can also interfere with osteoporosis drugs if the intake is done too close together. Thyroid medications are also affected by it. It can also bring bad side effects from blood pressure medications in the same way that it can magnify the potency of some diabetes medicines.

On the other hand, supplements are always a good choice in arresting magnesium deficiency in the body. Each form is absorbed differently from the other, and are suited for different situations. Understanding how these forms will function in our body will help us tremendously in choosing the most appropriate supplement for us. Several more studies on the effect of supplements on pregnant and breastfeeding women must also be considered.


There are more than 300 body processes which are dependent on magnesium for their proper function.  Indeed, its deficiency is a major cause of some diseases and chronic illnesses. Deficiency of this mineral is more often than not unnoticed or overlooked.

It is because of this reason that people should consider adding magnesium supplements to their diet. These supplements present the option of achieving optimal levels of it vs the hit or miss of the ordinary diet. Each type of supplements offers different benefits, and are made to be appropriate for different circumstances.

Consulting a health professional on how to incorporate these supplements into the diet is a good step to achieving optimal health, and ensuring that the body reaps the benefits of sufficient magnesium intake.

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